Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Don't send me roses!

Fred spent 4 months researching what camera and lens he would buy. For another two months he read the instruction manual and couldn't understand a word. Then Fred discovered he was reading the Chinese section. Now he was ready - he marched into his garden; he faced the biggest artistic/technological challenge of his life; to photograph his favourite red rose in full bloom. How do I know all this? Because, there are at least five Fred's in every camera club and ten more at every major competition.

Ok so we know that camera sensors don't like masses of red. Besides, red is a colour vastly overdone. If it was that good women would paint their whole faces with lipstick not just their lips.

But the main problem is that you can't smell or touch Fred's rose. Fred, just give me your address and I'll come look at yourt rose.

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