Monday, 11 July 2011

I love a sunburnt country (town called Albany)

I never ever thought the day would arrive when i could say 'I got sunburnt in Albany'. Especially when it was the middle of July, Perth maxed out at 12 degrees celsius and the entire south west was covered in a thick cumulus carpet. But there I was enjoying coffee and croissant at Cosi's in Albany and I git a touch of the sun.

I have to eat my words. Those stories that i spread around about it raining in Albany 300 days a year and te water dripping off the trees the other 65 just aren't true. I love Albany now. In fact I think love truly abounds in Albany.

Likewise I have to eat my words about photographing in harsh or 'splotchy' light. When Douglas Kirkland* ran his workshop at Foto Freo in 2006 I assisted him for a week and learned more about lighting in a week than the previous ten years.  If you place the subject's face in the 'spotlight' and expose for that highlight, everything else falls into place.

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