Wednesday, 21 December 2011

John Lennon's Tooth

Liz Taylor's baubles raked in a cool $150 mill but I thought somebody cashing out $40,000 for one of John Lennon's teeth was pretty cool. If I'd known that I wouldn't have given all my juveniles to the tooth fairy for a  shilling a pop. I'd have saved them for when I was famous like John.
After you've exhausted yourself taking scintillating pics of chocolate box landscapes and roses in vases you might consider creating a few boring images of everyday experiences like your urologist preparing  your colonoscopy, your local policewoman having a whopper at Hungry Jacks or your favourite dentist drilling your teeth.
I used my Sigma 15mm fish-eye (this is one fun lens) to shoot my favourite dentist Tina, (not Turner) replacing a  gold bridge;  just marginally less expensive than replacing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. I know  there's a word for when you pay an attractive woman hard-earned money to inflict pain on you but I can't think what it is. Unless its lawyer or accountant.
Be brave, be innovative and take your camera with you and record the world and your life. You may own lots of cameras but you only own one life.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Lightning! Poof!

I arrived back from Patagonia and Antarctica more or less unscathed except for the odd plop of penguin poo. (
The note under the door after five weeks on ice was a clue - 'Your security system's gone to Queensland droving and we don't know where it are!'
Next morning neighbors related the story of the big boom in late October which fried various big screen TVs, videos and assorted micro-processor thingies.
Since then, we've been replacing security systems, modems, Mac computers and telephone cables.

Then the dark clouds parted and a shaft of God light appeared and a voice from Canberra said 'This is the National Portrait Gallery here and we'd like to hang one of your portraits in 2012.'
This shot here is not the one. You have to wait until 15 march 2012 to look at that here but this is one of my favourite boring images. Boring model, Pam Jackson in the derelict and boring kitchen of what is now The Crowded House restaurant. Crowded House make the best coffee in all of WA. (BTW Pam not all that boring).

Monday, 12 December 2011

Berlin's Overhead Sewage

If you're in Berlin for a day don't forget the overhead pink sewage pipes. Not really; I have no idea what they are, but one of the best ways to find out is to call them sewage pipes and someone will correct me. We travelled by bicycle around Berlin - really boring place with the Bundestag, probably the world's most innovative parliament building and a photographer's feast; Hitler's bunker - where we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant and the TV tower, the revolving restaurant that used to overlook the GDR.
Shot this on my little Fuji X100 - did it really look like that? Well not quite. You see the X100 shoots in RAW and while opening the image after a glass of merlot I lent on the saturation and vibrance buttons. But really, those pipes are pink and I still don't know what they're doing transversing the Berlin buildings.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Berlin Part Two

There are 46,513 books in Peter Kleinhempel's private library. When the Berlin wall still stood high and the Stasi kept a close watch on Peter's comings and goings Peter's library in East Berlin was his world. After the wall came down and Peter removed himself and his books to the west the apartment collapsed, apparently supported by Peter's books and the cornerstone Webster's Concise English Dictionary. The term 'concise' is something of a misnomer. Not only is the font size so ridiculously small that the book comes with its very own magnifying glass but this 'concise' book weighs about the same as a vat of German bratwurst.

Tip: Window light is good. Side window light is better.

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Berlin Part One

Staying with my good friends Nicole Gentz and Peter Kleinhempel. You know, sometimes in photography things feel just right. The early morning Berlin light and a German lookalike in my hand. The Fuji X100 looks so much like the German Leica. Dozens of people have approached me and asked if I can still buy film for my camera. I tell them, '
'Yes, its difficult to buy' I say ' But its  a damn sight harder getting the film inside the camera!'
But when a camera feels right in your hand and the light is correct I just know that something might happen.

The shutter on the X100 is so quiet; its sweeter than a Juliette Binoche kiss.

(1/35 sec f2 1000ISO 23mm fixed lens hand held)

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