Monday, 12 December 2011

Berlin's Overhead Sewage

If you're in Berlin for a day don't forget the overhead pink sewage pipes. Not really; I have no idea what they are, but one of the best ways to find out is to call them sewage pipes and someone will correct me. We travelled by bicycle around Berlin - really boring place with the Bundestag, probably the world's most innovative parliament building and a photographer's feast; Hitler's bunker - where we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant and the TV tower, the revolving restaurant that used to overlook the GDR.
Shot this on my little Fuji X100 - did it really look like that? Well not quite. You see the X100 shoots in RAW and while opening the image after a glass of merlot I lent on the saturation and vibrance buttons. But really, those pipes are pink and I still don't know what they're doing transversing the Berlin buildings.

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