Saturday, 30 June 2012

Honey, I shrunk my poodle

For about ten years I raced as a professional cyclist .... and I have to wear glasses. If I don't wear my specs I literally can't see more than the length of a 50mm prime lens. So when i was cycle racing and it rained, as it invariably did on race days I always picked up the comment 'Why don't you have little windscreen wipers on your glasses!'

At first, I treated these jibes from competitors and spectators with a degree of humour. But after the first two hundred comments they started to wear a little thin. So I started racing without my specs - actually racing 'blind'.  The comments stopped and so did my direction. If I was leading the bunch and i missed a  corner and went straight ahead the remainder of the lemmings followed me!

You may ask, and rightly so 'what the heck has all that got to do with photographing dogs? Wet hounds to boot'. Well, a client came to me with two brand new little French Poodles. Sure, they were cute, but ordinary cute. based on my theory that most people look better when you wet them I asked the poodles' owner to pop them into the sink with the coffee cups and give them a bit of a rinse. It was amazing. You've heard that saying 'Honey, I've shrunk the kids'; well this poodle shrank to half its size when put in water. Not only that, but my poodley little mate shook his little body at the same rate as a South American Humming Bird. My lens and glasses were completely covered with poodle spray. I could have used little windscreen wipers on my specs.

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