Friday, 15 June 2012

Not just a waitress

If you want to create really boring images have lots of rules and guidelines - the 'Rule of Thirds', colour compensations, extreme sharpness and so on. Then, become really paranoid and engrossed with the technicalities  'Which focal length lens will I use?', 'Will I shoot RAW or jpeg?' and 'Should I use matrix or spot metering?'
Finally, subject your image to a severe 'MAC attack'. Run it through seventeen layers of Photoshop, assorted plug-ins and ten series of over-sharpening and HDR.
There is a really good chance you will end up with an 'A' level Deadly Boring Photograph.

........ on the other hand ....

  • take one lady
  • a mirror
  • a lipstick called 'Not just a waitress'
and you have all the ingredients for a creative image.

Low light and not even a tripod in sight.

'Creative images are not made in the camera, they are made in your mind.'

'Powerful portraits are not of a subject or even of a  photographer ..... the power of the portrait comes from the relationship between subject and artist in a split-second on a quiet Sunday morning.' 

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