Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Three Minute Rule

Rules! Rules! Rules!
There's only one rule I follow religiously:
'I never microwave my camera for more than three minutes'
Forget the rule of thirds, the Golden Mean and the 5/3 rule. Put aside the sunny f16 and the Depth of Field 1/3 rule and develop a passion for your subject.
Margaret Bourke-White said. 'Saturate yourself with your subject and your camera will take you by your hand'
Feel for your subject, love your subject and develop an unstoppable passion for being involved. There is an eternity to obey rules after you die.
The shot:
I was in Andreh Pradesh in India a few days after the 2004 tsunami which took 15,000 lives. Our team rescued about 200 orphans and took them to the Hebron orphanage where I lived for a week. Two hundred meters away near the canal was a leper colony. The portrait is of a beautiful Indian lady with leprosy. 

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