Friday, 31 August 2012

iPhones hopeless for photography

by Dale Neill

I just can't believe that anyone would waste their time taking photographs on an iPhone!

I mean you should look like a photographer to start with - carrying a  tripod and DSLR fitted with a foot long sub (whoops, lens).

Surely, no real photographers would ever try to shoot a photograph with something as small as an iPhone.

Besides, a real photograph should pass through at least a couple of hours of Photoshop before being considered worthy to be submitted to Section C of the Oodnadatta (south-east branch) Camera Club.

So I'm recommending that if ever you see a pretty girl standing in front of an advertising hoarding this morning as I did, you ask to wait there while you go and fetch your big DSLR.

I think I wasted my time here on Zoe - it took 1/125 sec to shoot and 2 secs through my favourite little app. That's faster than Usaine Bolt over 100 metres or Photoshop.

But its not a real photograph .................... or is it??

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

iPhone in the Hunter Valley

by Dale Neill

Here I am at Cessnock in the Hunter Valley. Getting here just took two flights, a hire car and two hotels. It was a tad easier travelling to Antarctica last year. But its worth it. Here to witness the creme de la creme of the photographic world strut their stuff.

James Nachtwey received two standing ovations from the 300 delegates. Alicia Sinclair stunned the audience with her her intricately detailed works of photographic art. Steve Parish was back to his dynamic best and Vick Bell showed why she is one of Australia's leading fine art portrait photographers with her sensitive, textured images.

Meanwhile I was in super relaxed mode and used my iPhone (and PicFX App) to image the old tree at the bottom of our valley at sunset.