Friday, 31 August 2012

iPhones hopeless for photography

by Dale Neill

I just can't believe that anyone would waste their time taking photographs on an iPhone!

I mean you should look like a photographer to start with - carrying a  tripod and DSLR fitted with a foot long sub (whoops, lens).

Surely, no real photographers would ever try to shoot a photograph with something as small as an iPhone.

Besides, a real photograph should pass through at least a couple of hours of Photoshop before being considered worthy to be submitted to Section C of the Oodnadatta (south-east branch) Camera Club.

So I'm recommending that if ever you see a pretty girl standing in front of an advertising hoarding this morning as I did, you ask to wait there while you go and fetch your big DSLR.

I think I wasted my time here on Zoe - it took 1/125 sec to shoot and 2 secs through my favourite little app. That's faster than Usaine Bolt over 100 metres or Photoshop.

But its not a real photograph .................... or is it??

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