Sunday, 16 September 2012

Zero Light (except the LCD screen)

In the early days of photography 'Not enough light' was often an excuse for putting your camera away. With ISOs up to 25,600 and lenses as fast as f1.2 there are no more excuses! Of course there will still be a few of the old guard, the light-deficient luddites and the halide-fixated old boys who still believe that anything shot above 400 ISO is a sin punishable by immersion in a vat of boiling developer.

From my 'Advanced' class yesterday we turned off all light and closed all doors. My light source was from the LCD screen on the back of my subject's camera. 6400 ISO, Nikon D700, 1/80 sec@f1.4.

Check out my Intermediate or Advanced courses at UWA Extension and learn how easy it is to shoot in low light.

by Dale Neill

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