Thursday, 22 November 2012

Greased Lightning

by Dale Neill

Thirty minutes to pack up! That's all! Bugger!
Almost forgot my shoes.
Toothbrush, money, medication.One change of underdaks.
Five days away in sunny Jurien Bay - no telephones, no computers, no stress and almost no undies.
This is what I want.
A few books, mags, couple of bottles of red, that's it. In the car!!
Whoops - camera. Yep, one Nikon D700, one 50mm lens. That's it.
Bugger anything else - no tripod, no other lenses, not even a battery charger.
This was kick-back time.

Soooo, what happens...

Mother nature decides to put on this academy award performance of 'Greased Lightning'
The show was staged in good old Jurien Bay in Western Australia and had everything except Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. There was thunder, lightning, power cuts, the smell of ozone. I thought I felt the presence of extra terrestials (or maybe that extra terrestial was an old GF)..

At nine o'clock I'd had enough. I could still feel the energy. I grabbed my Nikon and headed to the jetty to brave the lightning, thunder, wind and rain. Hand held - 2 secs in manual f8 on 320 ISO. Ah! and Nikon has this neat muliple exposure setting!! Its brilliant! Its even more brilliant after two glasses of red. I felt crazy, out their alone shooting on the end of the jetty hand held, muliple exposure, two second exposures. It was a good night to be in a storm and feel a little crazy.

But .......... it was all done in the camera! No Photoshop!
note: Thanks Miss I am Nikon for overlaying these two pics on top of each other

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