Thursday, 28 March 2013

Just Add Water

by Dale Neill

We all know that cameras and water don't mix all that well, especially if its salt water. In a 50+ year career three of my cameras have gone to water graves. They all had burials at sea.  None ever worked again.

But adding water to people is something else. Its a bit like sprinkling fairy dust on your subject, They become alive, they act differently and most importantly they look different.

Whether they be on, in, under or through water the visual effects can be dramatic and surreal especially if you understand how slow-synch flash operates.

You can learn all about  in my Creative Flash Techniques UWA Extension Course on 21 April 2013. They are just handful of places left.

Then, when you think you've got the shot try entering the Fremantle International Portrait prize for your chance to win $5000 cash first prize.

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