Saturday, 4 May 2013

Elevator Music

I once thought making eye contact was interlocking eyelashes. My dear Aunty Frieda put me right on that one before I started high school at Marist Brothers.

Do you make eye contact in a lift?

There you are standing shoulder to shoulder (or maybe face to face) with someone you have never seen before in your life. You can hear them breathing; you can smell their deodorant (or lack thereof); you might even be close enough to read the SMS on their mobile.

I've got to fess up here. When I get into an elevator I often study the people I'm sharing with and fantasise about being stuck there with them for 48 hours. In Cairo I once shared an eight person elevator with a dozen Egyptians at an ISO conference. Not photographers, these Egyptians all worked in the concrete industry. I discovered there were ISO standards for concrete as well as cameras. 48 hours jammed in a lift with 12 concrete workers would not have been my idea of a fun weekend. It would have been a long weekend. A very long weekend.

Mill Point Quartet

Lifts are such terribly boring places I thought this would be the perfect place to take a really deadly boring photograph.

So when I got to share an elevator today with Mill Point Quartet, an up and coming  string quartet from Perth, WA I thought that was a bit more appealing. In fact I cheated a bit. I invited them to share the lift. I first noticed this lift in His Majesty's car park in 2005. The walls are lined with dimpled stainless steel. I thought this would be great for bouncing flash around inside.

While Mill Point played Ravel's Bolero I took  a few shots. At each floor the doors opened and Mill Point entertained the waiting crowd before we continued our ascent. My next Creative Flash course is at UWA Extension in August 2014.

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