Thursday, 31 October 2013

Perfect Pooch Pics

'Sheez Dale, you are taking such boring photographs of these dogs'
That upset me.
Not just that I was getting a reprimand from my assistant Sam Oliver, but I knew she was right.
We had the gig to shoot the RSPCA Dog Calendar 'Here Boy'. I knew I had to try something different.

At a tiny roadhouse near Moora Sam found a rag and rubbed it on a cat strolling by and put it in a plastic bag (the rag not the cat).
At our next shoot at Morawa Sam dangled the rag with feline aromas in front of the pooch and immediately his tongue lolled out. Success!

Farmer and mate near Moora Western Australia

I then unleashed a new secret weapon, a high pitched belly-dancing yodel like call from deep in my throat


The dog's ears immediately pricked up and stood at attention.
I shot a half dozen frames.
I had already made sure we had catchlights in Fido's eyes to make them come alive.

We had developed a little formula to make sure that we were getting animated dog shots.



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