Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sunday Morning Sidewalk Photography

101 Tips for Better Digital Photography
50 HOT Ideas for Better Photographs
25 NEWS ideas for improved photographs
How to get perfect portraits

Standing where no other photographer has stood - farmer's shed Geraldton


1.     Get help from the government – use Western Power to charge your batteries
2.     Use a clean memory card (and save and back-up all the old pics)
3.     Buy a prime lens – start with 50mm f1.4
4.     Set a single focus point – focus between the colour and white of eyes
5.     Quality settings – use largest size, highest quality or RAW
6.     Shoot between first light and sunrise (get out of bed first)
7.     Shoot between sunset and last light
8.     Use a tripod and remote release (especially if you shake)
9.     Stand where no other photographer has ever stood
10.  Learn how to use Aperture priority
11.  Make friends, learn their names and get their stories
12.  Be unafraid
13.  Use a ‘Kylie’ camera – small, cute, dynamic - like X100S

* Especially prepared for the Town of Mosman Photo Workshop 9-3-14.

Pic: My cousin Russel Lewis from Chapman Valley, Geraldton. Farmer, accountant and award winning grower of olive oil, Russ still enjoys his shed and a beer.

Copyright © Dale Neill 2014.

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