Monday, 24 March 2014

How to select a Genuine Photography Competition

There are some well organised, genuine and ethical photography competitions in the world setting the highest artistic and technical standards with handsome prizes.

Unfortunately, there are some competitions that are poorly organised, motivated by self-interests or simply a 'front' for the collection of cheap stock photography.

How to select a genuine photography competition:

  1. The deadline for entries is NEVER extended.
  2. The judge(s) are completely impartial and INDEPENDENT  of the organising body.
  3. The names and contact details of the organisers are published
  4. Entrants retain copyright of the images.
  5. The competition is not for personal profit or gain. 
  6. The actual judging process is tested and statistically/mathematically VALID.
  7. The judging process is tested and statistically/mathematically RELIABLE.
  8. The entry system is relatively simple
  9. Winners entries are checked for authenticity
  10. Prizes are awarded within four weeks
Here's a simple check you can do. Next time you spot a competition you are interested in write an email and ask you retain copyright of your image. If you get a reply, check the name at the foot of the email. If it says 'Team', 'Organiser', 'Strawberry Milkshake' or 'Head-Ache' ......... be cautious.

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