Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Quiz - just what sort of photographer are you?

The Expert: The lounge room theorist
The Envious: Goes to exhibitions and says  'I could do that'
The introvert: Only shoots landscapes
The extrovert: Only shoots people, mainly close-ups of faces 
Competition junkie: gained equal 3rd place to Wyalkatchem Show
Sniper: Waits 6 hrs to get shot of bird with 600mm lens

'Spider Man Weds' by Altruist
Gear addict: Buys the latest and best gizmo every week
Anal:  Will not use camera if its windy, dusty, sunny or hot
Course addict: Attends every course rather than think for themselves
The Rodin: Thinks before shooting (Gold Star!)
The Scintillating Star: They love, appreciate and use light (Gold Star) 
The Capitalist: Motivated solely by making money
The Altruist: Their photos make people feel good. (Gold Star)
The Camera Club junkie: Life revolves around rule 23(c) part 2
The Voyeur: Observes people before shooting them (Silver Star)
The Communist: Can't afford a camera but 'I'll use yours'
The Pscychopathographer: Uses people then offloads them. 'Charming' non-genuine.
Greens:  Photographs trees, trees more trees and whales (Bronze Star) 
Labour: Spends $10,000 on gear. Makes $50. Says they made profit
Liberal: Spends $100 on gear. Makes $200 from photography. Says they made a loss.
Palmer: Huge, chunky noisy camera that doesn't work for more than a year but is cheap
Lipstick: Usually female, uses charm, wit and looks to win commercial business. (Red Star)
The Faffer: Spends 14 months procrastinating about the shot and eats art magazines
The Albatross: 'Woe betide us' - lives for the good old days and smells like fixer

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