Thursday, 29 May 2014

Are your wildlife shots more 'mild' than 'wild'?

Otter: Borneo
Lounge room theorists and photographers simply don't cut the mustard.
If you're sitting in your lounge room surrounded by your cameras and lenses you are guaranteed of one thing - you will miss 100% of the wildlife shots!

You have to be there. You have to be where wild animals are running free.

Here are five really boring wildlife shots - try to avoid these:
  1. Your pet
  2. Any animal in a cage or behind bars
  3. Zoo animals
  4. Bird sitting on a branch
  5. Animals with human structures in background

I'm not a specialist wildlife photographer. The closest I get to shooting wildlife is my grandkids or mother-in-law.

Doe, joey and buck kangaroos feeding. Australia
Immature kangaroo joey
However, I've been fortunate in working alongside a few of the world's best wildlife photographers. Cede Prudente is Malaysia's number one wildlife photographer. Cede also leads tours in Malaysian Borneo. If you travel with Cede (or his brother John Prudente), not only will you see more wild animals than any other tourist but you will have Cede looking over your shoulder giving you advice.

Penguins looking for landing. Antarctica

If you don't fancy leeches and the humidity of the Borneo jungles you might like to try the frozen continent of Antarctica with Daisy Gillardini. Italian-Swiss photographer Daisy is world-renowned for her images of polar animals - penguins, bears and birds. Daisy is a Nikon ambassador and also a personable leader and teacher.

If Borneo, Antarctica or exotic locations are out of reach, try your local beach, river, desert or park. Think about the time of day you visit, where you position yourself and observe the behaviour of the animal.

Above all - be patient - and respect nature.

For more information on shooting your grandkids and other wild animals check out my UWA Photography Workshops. 

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