Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Does Photoshop stifle Creativity?

Q. What's the definition of a tourist?
A. Someone who travels 10,000 miles and spends $10,000 to photograph his wife standing in front of the Avis rental car.

Seriously now, I saw a guy photpgraphing his wife in Toulouse, France. As he clicked the shutter, I heard him say 'I'll Photoshop in the Eiffel Tower when we get home'.

My photographic colleague and friend Michael Coyne says 'Photographers have stopped thinking'. Ata workshop we ran together in Fremantle Michael implored attendees to 'THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT'.

Most modern photographers die before they utilise all the features in their camera. I always ask them:

  • When was the last time you used 1/4000 second?
  • How often do you use WB to create a mood colour?
  • Have you switched on the ND filter?
  • Did you know there was a tonal adjustment for Aussie Landscapes?
  • Have you ever used the multiple exposure feature on your camera?

In my last Advanced Digital Workshop at UWA Extension I showed students how to do a three-image multiple exposure.

  • Shot 1 - a texture
  • Shot 2 - a long shot ofa  head against a dark background
  • Shot 3 - a close up of a face
Here's my demo result. This result is out of the camera - not out of Photoshop!

 Join me at one of my UWA Extension Photography Workshops. You may discover how to think creatively with your eyes and learn something new about your camera.

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