Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Five signs your photographic career is on life-support

The world needs photographers who are 'alive' and vital and positive. Here are some tell-tale signs that your photography is in the casualty ward and could very soon be on life support.
In Botero's Gallery in Colombia

  1. In the past twelve months you never travelled to a single new destination. 
  2. Your photographic world revolves around your camera club, the rules and the next monthly competition.
  3. You find yourself increasingly saying 'I wished I had my camera with me'
  4. You haven't done a single new course or learnt one new thing because you 'know it all'
  5. Creative ideas have all but dried up - you find yourself copying other photographers' ideas.
My 'Botero' inspired shot
Going somewhere new is the light at the end of the 400mm lens. Plan a trip to a new destination or even a day trip to somewhere close by that you have never experienced. Simply booking it into your diary changes your perception of photography and life.

In 2013 I visited the Botero Gallery in Colombia and was so  inspired by the art of Fernando Botero I stayed an extra half day. His quirky, eccentric paintings of people who are 'volumetrically distorted' invaded my mind and convinced me to try some 'Botero' style portraits. If I had never visited his gallery I would never have been inspired. 

Talking with other photographers, artists and creative people is healthy and vitalising. BUT, what is more important is taking action! Avoid telling people how hard you are working on your new project - that is your secret. But make sure  when you are finished that new project that others get to see it and hear about it.

If you want to give your photography a shot of digital adrenaline, you might try clicking HERE.

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