Monday, 19 May 2014

Photographic Aphrodisiacs in Singapore

My petite Chinese guide with the bee stung lips flashed a demure smile,
'Why don't you try the 'Red Lantern Tour'
'Why not?'
So I signed up all twelve people in my group for a private evening Red Lantern Tour and dinner.

I'd been to Singapore a dozen or more times before for short holidays and stopovers; clinically clean, ultra-organised, religiously-conservative. In Singapore you can be fined for dropping a lolly wrapper or spitting on the pavement. In years gone by you could be imprisoned for long hair!

Today, there's a plethora of upmarket hotels, quality shopping and superb food with little chance of picking up a tummy bug. Singapore is safe and clean and 'nice'. About the main criticism that can be directed at Singapore is that it can be a bit boring.

One way to make Singapore less boring is the Red Lantern Tour. I organised for my group to join in a personalised tour of the old and new red light districts of Singapore. It was an eye-opener! We toured the shops that sold aphrodisiacs - this was the OMG part of the tour - jars of special pickled mushrooms, deer antler, horny goat weed, jing, sheng jiang, dang guy and spanish fly. There were insects and bits of animals and unidentifiable pickled thingies. Most of it looked a thousand years old and horrendous. There were no free tastings.

Very hard to get that stuff back into Australia so we continued our tour, learning of the important historical role played in the development of Singapore by the Red Lantern industry. The Malays provided much of the physical manpower in twentieth century development and many Malays were single. Brothels used special colours and street umbers to be easily identified but discreet.
We turned a corner or two and our guide led us to a current working Red Lantern district that still employs traditional signage - where the authorities turn a blind eye. So, next time you're in Singapore, spice up your photography with a Red Lantern Tour. And keep an eye out for building labelled No 6.

And to spice up your sex life while your in Singapore here are my recommendations for the top five natural aphrodisiacs. Happy shooting!

Watermelon contains an amino acid called citulline which aids blood vessel dilation and thus heightens sexual pleasure. Nature's own natural Viagra.

In 19th Century France the pre-nuptial dinner was asparagus spears. Besides making your wee smell funny asparagus contains high concentrations of folic acid which increases histamine activity which is a necessity for orgasms in both sexes.

Eating the symbol of love and passion quadruples the production of endorphins in women. (You could also ask your lady to  race her bicycle fifty kilometres to produce  a similar result but chocolate is easier and less sweaty)

Besides being a great natural antibiotic garlic contains a chemical called allicin that increases blood flow to sexual organs. (Hint: Buy some mints).

Not as good as chocolate but a sweet and sensual alternative plus you can photograph the sensual shape of oranges on bodies.

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