Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pump up your pulse! - Improve your photography!

Any activity that makes your heart beat faster is likely to produce better photographs. And as a bonus, you might just find some romance along the way.

The claws of conservatism can put a stranglehold on your photography. So much so that all your photographs start to look the same week in, week out. Its the same with dating; find someone on RSVP or E Harmony and take them to dinner or a  show and you might as well say 'Goodnight Irene'. Its the perfect formula for boring photographs and boring relationships.

Nikon D700, 70-400 set @ 98mm, 1250ISO, 1/20 @ f22 Shannon Western Australia

The secret is simple - find an activity that makes your heart beat faster and the chances are you'll get better images and could be lucky in love.

Your mode of transport plays a big part in the types of photograph you take:

BORING (low pulse rate):

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Ship
  • Aeroplane

INTERESTING (medium pulse rate):

  • Motor bike
  • Small boat
  • Zodiac
  • Light aircraft
  • Home made light aircraft
  • Small water craft with motor
  • Walking
  • Sled
  • Horse
  • Camel

EXCITING (wild pulse rate)

  • Hot air balloon
  • Bicycle
  • Canoe (and self propelled water craft)
  • Roller skates

Nikon D700, 50mm f1.4 prime, 500ISO, 1/5000s @ f14  Walpole Western Australia

When your heart beats faster, blood is pumping and endorphins flowing; your brain enables you to sense things differently. Camera-wise,  your endorphins grab you by the scruff of your Gucci camera strap and enable you to see and shoot things more dynamically.

Take your first date on a beach run and sunset swim and the love signals pumping into your grey cells will redline.

I've just finished an 800 kilometre bike ride with 43 other cyclists from Albany to Perth in Western Australia. My cycle club, the Cycle Touring Association of Western Australia, is 40 years old; my Mercian bike 34 years old, my D700 and Panasonic FT4 are three years old. My body clocked over 70 during the trip.

To view the pics and stories from the CTA 40th Anniversary Cycle Tour click HERE.

 Join me at one of my UWA Extension Photography Workshops. I'll make your heart beat faster and pass on practical skills for better photography.

Hot Tip: Take out a good camera insurance policy!

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