Tuesday, 27 May 2014

When in doubt - put a blonde in a tight dress

Writers sometimes suffer 'writer's block' and photographers occasionally experience 'aperture apathy'. The grey clouds of gloominess descend upon you. You have no new ideas. And any ideas that do float into your mind seem to have come from ABOF (Association of Boring Old Farts).

Nikon D700 200ISO M 1/200@f16 85mm Nikkor prime lens

To get around writer's block you can always start your next paragraph with,
'Five masked men burst through the door brandishing guns. My index finger twitched nervously on the grenade pin .....'

Nikon D700 with Elinchrom 500BX

The photographic equivalent is to find a curvaceous lady and dress her in a bold, primary coloured dress one dress size too small. Materials with texture always look better.

The secret ingredient is to use a single light at right angles to the fabric in the dress. This accentuates the texture in the dress and the shape of the body. Its really that easy!

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