Monday, 2 June 2014

Three compact cameras with clout


'Hi, my name's X100S but you can call me Millie. I may be small but I have powerful thoughts and I punch above my weight! 
Here are three cameras that do the same!'

You no longer need to carry a 4kg camera and lens with a 10kg tripod to achieve  a cover shot on a magazine. And even if you still want 'old reliable' DSLR for company on your next trip its great to have a quality camera that slips in your top pocket or handbag. Here are three lightweight compact cameras that are tried and true.

Samsung WB350F
This little compact must be one of the most underrated budget compacts going. I'd never been a fan of Samsung until a couple of my students brought them along on an Antarctic tour. Fitted with a quality Schneider lens, simple to use and with a host of features including a 21X zoom and wi-fi compatibility its brilliant value for your dollar. About $200.

Panasonic Lumix TZ60
The TZ stands for travel zoom and come from a long line of Lumix TZs - the TZ10,20,30,40 and now the 60. The TZ uses a brilliant Leica lens, shoots in RAW and has an iA (Intelligent auto) function that is almost impossible to trick. The TZ60 is one of the only cameras I know that has a special setting to shoot through aircraft windows producing results better than DSLRs. About $400.

Fujifilm 100S
The 100S is one of a  kind. There's no zoom! Alas! The sky might fall in Chicken Little! And you can't change lenses! Wrist slashing time!  But the 100S has a sensor as big as most DSLR's, low noise at high ISO and is whisper quiet. The 23mm (35mm equivalent) wide angle lens mean the onus for the photography dwells with the photographer NOT the camera. If you have potential as a photographer, especially a photo-journalist, THIS camera will make you a better photographer. The Fujifilm lens is as sharp as a surgeon's scalpel and the retro styling attracts a lot of attention. A superior quality compact for pro's and advanced amateurs.  Its not the size of the camera but the size of the sensor in the camera. The X100S is the 'Kylie Minogue' of compacts. About $1000.

Yallingup beach succulents.  Fujifilm X100. 1/680@f8 320ISO 23mm Forced flash.

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