Saturday, 14 June 2014

The best camera club in the world

Finding the best camera club in the world is easy.
First, find a large solid tree branch and shape into a  formidable weapon. Then proceed to  belt the living daylights out of the offending camera that refuses to take prize-winning images. 
That was easy, wasn't it.


Getting back to reality, camera clubs are a great source of inspiration, learning, competition and socialising. I was a camera club member for years and encourage many of my students to join. I issue just one word of warning - don't allow your camera club to become the sole source of your information and photographic experience.

Like all other organisations, camera clubs vary considerably in their style and quality. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best camera club for you.

  • Friendly, welcoming reception on your first visit
  • Location - you don't need to drive an hour in each direction
  • Mission and vision - the club knows where its going and communicates that to members
  • Runs outside workshops and expeditions*
  • The club has good photographers - people to aspire to and learn from
  • Interclub competition - local, interstate, overseas
  • A wave of photographic passion
  • A variety of ages with a few new young members coming on board
  • Some speakers and judges from outside the club (and outside photography)
  • Access to an asset - clubrooms, bus, darkrooms, studio

*Rob Lewis shooting in the Pilbara 2013 with the Medical Arts Association 

Possibly the best asset a camera club can have is a legal one - a public liability policy. This is to protect members who may take on photographic work through the club. Damage to person or property could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and be sheeted back to an unsuspecting member without public liability insurance.

As for the best camera club in the world - the Photo Art Association in Singapore would be hard to beat. World class photographers and gear, their own multi-storey building in the heart of Singapore, overseas tours and a high class photographic book several times each year.

And as for the occasional irksome camera club member who's always complaining about
the judges, the scores and the supper - that's what that dirty big club is for!

Join a Dale Neill  UWA Workshop to find out what a camera club can't teach you.

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