Saturday, 5 July 2014

21 Tips for Street Photographers

'Please don't show me any more perfectly exposed, perfectly sharp, colour saturated photoshopped landscapes. Show me photographs of real people living life and having fun.' 

  1. Dress down
  2. Avoid hunting in packs – alone or with 1 friend is best
  3. Use a small, quiet camera (eg Fujifilm X100S)
  4. Select a wide-angle, prime lens
  5. The ‘2 sec’ rule – camera ready to shoot in less than 2 secs
  6. Pre-set manual focus to 3m when zoning
  7. Look for an interesting background
  8. Check the lighting on people's clothes and faces
  9. Separate subject from background using colour, focus and tone
  10. Moving subjects – more space in front of subject
  11. Camouflage 101 - fix gaze beyond subject – use a ‘screen’
  12. Befriend your subject
  13. Smile lots
  14. Camouflage 102 - drink coffee, read the newspaper
  15. Street performances – buskers and crowds
  16. Major events – festivals and parades
  17. Avoid looking at LCD until you have left location
  18. Carry a pocket release (brief model release)
  19. Be working on a ‘project’ in order to answer ‘why’
  20. Vary camera height – from worm's to bird's eye view
  21. Use cine approach – establishing shot, medium, close-up, macro.

    Note: All images shot in Fremantle, WA using a Fuji X100

'I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring'
David Bowie

On the Move: Travel and Street Photography Workshop 15/16 November 2014

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