Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Stand still, its photography. Keep moving, its art.

Tunnel in Turkey
My annual injection of culture tonight - Australian Chamber Orchestra at the Perth Concert Hall playing Shostakovich, Dvorak and Lutoslawski. I reckon if you can pronounce them you deserve a B+ for starters.

Back in '66 my Italian mate Frank suggested I was culturally lacking.
So I started eating yoghurt.
That didn't seem to work too well.
So I bought a camera. Things started picking up.

If you stand still, its photography.
If you keep moving, its art.

If your subject moves and you move, that's even better.

Avoid being too safe, like a barge in the Thames. You'll never capsize or sink. You'll stay moored forever, in the one spot, with barnacles growing on your bottom.

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