Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Twenty signs you're ageing as a photographer

  1. Learning a  shortcut to the toilet is more important than 
    Helena & Jim at Monart Fine Art Gallery
    a shortcut in Lightroom
  2. Each time you pick up your camera you check the lens for accumulated dust
  3. Your wife complains  how many lens caps and memory cards have gone through the wash
  4. You can't remember how many lenses you own
  5. Rough camping means a B & B with an American breakfast
  6. You state publicly that mobile phone photos are rubbish but secretly take photos with your iPhone
  7. You're still waiting for your 35mm Film DSLR to come back into vogue
  8. You only get low angle shots after you've tripped over your own camera bag
  9. Your camera club meeting is your major monthly social outing
  10. You got your best high angle shots after eating your granddaughter's marijuana cakes
  11. Everything aches - and you've only picked up your camera bag
  12. You're not sure whether to use your single focus, bi-focals or multi-focals
  13. When travelling, your medical kit is bigger than your camera bag
  14. You discover that the middle-aged man in your photo is actually your son
  15. Granddaughter asks 'Graddo, why are you taking so long to take a photo? This is boring' 
  16. You can't use a remote release because it interferes with your pacemaker
  17. You open a bottle of champagne because 1 of your last 592 flower shots is sharp
  18. Friends keep asking you to bring your camera to funerals to take a few shots
  19. You buy a camera with a  GPS so you can find your way home
  20. You dream about prunes

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