Sunday, 26 October 2014

Shooting Black Dogs

A man hasn't lived until he's had the love of a horse, a dog and a good woman

We love taking photographs of things we love - new borns, cats, dogs and sunsets. We love our dogs and cats so much that we forget about all the distractions. We put our dog on a red rug, have a post growing out of his head or take the pic when he's sound asleep.

Dogs look great when:
  • their ears stick up (some models are floppy)
  • their tongues hang out (all models have tongues
Its 40 degrees in the shade. Tess, with aircaft restorer/owner in York, Western Australia
To get ears up, learn a high pitched call or whistle but use sparingly. For a lolling tongue food can work but a rag that's been wiped on a cat and stored in a plastic bag works wonders.

A couple of other tips for shooting your favourite hound:
  • active shots are winners - at the beach running through the water
  • shoot on high speed continuous
  • shoot the relationship between dog and owner
  • if its a black dog, wet his coat 
To leran the tricks of photographing dogs join my Practical Photography Beginners Workshop. Bring your own camera, we supply the dog.