Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Its Holga not Helga

Two or Three times every week I receive an email or tel call with the same question,

'Which camera should I buy?'
And I answer with another question.
'Which car would you suggest I buy?'
How many of us in life buy the 'vehicle' before we know where we are actually going.
An E Type Jag is possibly not the best choice for a Pig Shooting/Beer Swilling soirée up the Duncan Highway or traversing the Great Sandy Desert with your pregnant girlfriend in mid-Aussie-summer.
So I pose these questions
  • What is subject matter for 90% of your photos?
  • What do you aspire to achieve photographically in 2015/2016
  • How much use does camera get?
  • Do you do any rough, dusty, watery travelling?
  • What is your end result – pics on screen, books, enlargements on wall etc
  • Do you enter exhibitions, competitions?
  • Software you use?
  • How is your eyesight? Wear specs? 
  • Budget

ps You could end up with a Holga.
That's Holga; please don't confuse with
Helga. (Helga's the exotic Russian dancer who wants to exchange her language skills for a marriage certificate and an Aussie passport.)

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