Thursday, 25 December 2014

Photographer or Camera Owner?

Are you a Photographer or merely a Camera Owner?

Photographers can spot Camera Owners a mile away.

How can you spot a mere Camera Owner?

  • No lens hood
  • 18-55mm zoom lens max aperture f3.5
  • Too scared to use 1600ISO or 3200ISO
  • Follows Great Yellow Emperor guidelines of sun over left shoulder
  • Has never used 1/4sec, hand-held, at night
  • Looks like a tourist
  • More interested in eating and drinking than making images
  • Takes 30 seconds to take a simple street shot
  • Thinks Cartier-Bresson is French bicycle builder
  • Chats to husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend instead of looking and shooting

Fujifilm X10, 1/4 sec f2 1600ISO fl7.1mm. Naughty Nuris, Ubud, Bali

Its easy to be a Camera Owner. You simply walk into any camera shop or online with your credit card and 20 minutes later you are a 'Camera Owner'. You can ever become a more accomplished camera owner by buying more lenses, bodies, flashes and gizmos. You can go further by being a 'Posh' camera owner with expensive Leicas, Rolleis and Hassleblad cameras. This still does not make you a photographer.

To be a photographer you need to love photography with a  passion. You eat, sleep and think photography. You love light. You study light. You appreciate technical developments but your life does not rely on them solely. You don't copy other photographers work or go and visit the identical location. You think for yourself. Your heart beats to a different drum. 

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