Friday, 20 February 2015

Kick-start your Creative Fuel Tank

Boring photographers produce boring photographs!

Be different. Express yourself. Stand out!

More than 3,000,000,000 (3 billion) images were added to Facebook today. Last year more than 100 million traditional digital cameras were purchased.  We are not counting iPhones, HPCs and other androids.

There's a sea of images swimming out in the ethernet. What can you possibly do to make your image stand out. Yes, you could set you self-timer on  2 seconds and throw camera into the air. Or you could fly your drone over the South Fremantle Potato Harvest. You could even squeeze your lens into a meeting of the  Coffin Cheaters in the Cappuccino Strip. But maybe you value your camera and even your personal safety.

Here are a few ideas that will almost certainly increase your chances of your images being rated in the top 15% of one of the large competitions.

Ten techniques to kick-start your creative fuel tank

·      Worm’s eye view

+ Show Tears and Emotion
·      Use 1/4000 sec

·      Low light
·      Use atmospherics

·      Use 15 secs

·      Overexpose 4 stops
·      Selective focus (3 zones)
·      Slow synch flash – rear curtain

·      Selective speed (3 zones)

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