Friday, 13 February 2015

Ten Broken Photographs

The Big Red Ball (ho hum)

The ten photographic subjects that will NOT win major photographic competitions:

Let's be clear. There is nothing wrong with these images. They are probably very precious and much loved. They look great in the family album or on your camera club's website. They simply haven't got the grunt to win major competitions.

From many years of teaching and judging I've had the opportunity to observe professional and amateur judges at work. I've seen the images that send judges to sleep or give them indigestion.

They'e cliches; they appear with monotonous regularity and quite frankly, they're 'A' class boring images. Submit one of these, and the best you're likely to achieve is equal 17th place in the East Widgemooltha (population 8) Royal Photographic Competition.

  1. 1. The Big Red Ball in the Sky Sunset (empty foreground, background with no detail)
           2. BOS Bird on a Stick

Red Rose, dead centre, dead cert loser.
    3.  Red rose or flower slap bang in the middle of the frame

    4. Your very own beloved cat, dog, baby or grandchild

     5. Pretty girl, stiff as an Antarctic corpse, single studio light

    6. Close up ‘face ‘iconic’ old man, old lady in third world country

    7. Curbside Race Car - long lens, 1/4000s, car, BG and FG pin sharp. Car looks parked.
Undergone a Mac attack
    8. Backlit wildlife (Midday out of Africa - sleepy lions with sun behind)

     9. Images subjected to a ‘Mac attack’ (over saturated, over sharpened, overdosed)


9. The Taj Mahal and other wonders - the pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Harbour Bridge

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