Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Never Let a Chance Go By

The Railway Hotel

The Railway was a real pub. Its clientele included wharfies, bikies and members of the blue singlet brigade.

In more recent times the Railway boasted a salubrious men’s hairdressing salon. For just $10 Katreena clipped your locks, massaged your neck, philosophised and gave you a chit for a drink at the bar and entry to the skimpies. This was true-blue value and Katreena was everyone’s friend.

One day I was waiting my turn while Katreena strutted around on stilettos trimming the moustache of a brutish looking bikie. When I asked if I could take their photograph the bikie swung Katreena onto his lap. I took a few quick snaps but Katreena looked somewhat uncomfortable perched on the bikie’s lap.

Moustache resplendent, the bikie headed into the bar, chit in hand. I climbed into the chair and Katreena threw the sheet around my neck. She wassmiling less than normal.
Don’t ever do that again, she said in a not too friendly tone.
Why, what’s the matter? I asked.
When he pulled me onto his knee and you were photographing us, he whispered in my ear ‘If you think this is a screwdriver in my pocket, you’re mistaken’


You can photograph all the sunsets, red roses and distant mountains you like but its a formula for boring, staid photography. Stay alert, on the look-out for every opportunity; every turn of the corner, chance meeting and opportunity to capture a real life story about real people.

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