Friday, 4 September 2015

Never leave home without your .........

Henry  packed two camera bodies, 6 lenses, a speed light, spare batteries, extra memory cards ...... BUT he still missed the shot.   His mobile phone had a flat battery. He and the subject had mixed up the meeting point and they couldn't talk to each other.

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link and sometimes the smallest think can put a stop to your carefully planned portrait shoot.

Black stocking secured with rubber band
Call me a camel, call me over-prepared, call me paranoid (just don't call me late for dinner) I've found carrying a few knick-knacks can save the day. So here are my top twenty 'thingies' that I pack into my Lowepro when I'm off to do a  portrait shoot.

  1. water (drinking)
  2. umbrella (for rain or to create shade)
  3. reflector
  4. plate (to fix camera to tripod)
  5. mobile phone and subject's number
  6. rubber bands
  7. family photo (when travelling 'breaking the ice')
  8. balloons (to increase kids' attention span from .01 sec to 2 secs!)
  9. safety pins for instant dressmaking
  10. snack (to prevent hunger 'bonk')
  11. sunscreen cream
  12. band aids (I've saved a few bridesmaids' lives)
  13. emergency rain coat (size of box of matches)
  14. gaffer tape (to repair cameras, tripods, shoes and busted fingers)
  15. scrunchie (for hair up shots)
  16. towel (after the beach shots)
  17. aquium (essential when travelling)
  18. panadol (don't give me that headache excuse)
  19. nail file (for subjects with dirty nails)
  20. a five cent piece (for battery compartments on some cameras)
Reflector to bounce window light to fill shadows
I could go on and talk about packing Blue-tac, a black stocking, spare set of car keys or an onion to make the subject cry but then you would start to say I needed an assistant to carry all this damm gear. Your absolutely right. You need an assistant - preferably one who can run 200  metres with all your gear in less than 40 seconds, flirt with the police guy and fend off the growling rottweiller.

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