Saturday, 25 March 2017

Bootcamp for Boring Travel Photographers

Five Real Photo Travel Tips (from Left Field)

So …..
you don't want to return from your next overseas trip with the world's most boring travel shots!!
You don't even want ordinary pics. If you're like me you want extraordinary!!

You could check out all those predictable magazine articles or camera club ordinaries. They will tell you all about cameras, lenses, landscapes and portraits. But they will not tell you this:

Here are five tips from left field:

Charge Your Batteries!
I'm not talking about camera or flash or iPad batteries.
I'm talking about YOUR body batteries!!
Get your body fit and relaxed. Change gears in your brain!
Get yourself fit, get your travel shots from TVMC or your GP doctor.
Jettison family and work stress before departure.
Fly like a bird!


I'm talking about YOUR focus. (forget cameras!)
Guess what? You can't photograph everything. You need to select.
In your camera you'd employ selective focus - you know - a whopping big aperture, a focal length of 400mm and you'd get in close and cozy.

French Motocross Riders - The Rabbit Proof Fence 
Now do the same with your THINKING. Start eliminating stuff - especially the stuff that every other boring photographer and his dog take and get a crystal clear image of the subject(s) you're going to capture.
example: Hands, hats, fish, kisses, things that hang down, numbers … get the idea?

Become a Jack Russel (Dog)

A Jack Russel's personality is tenacious, outrageously tenacious.
They never let go.
Become a photographer who never ever lets go!
If you're after a particular shot, go after it and never give up.
Do whatever it takes.

Fill in the Missing Spaces

Berlin on the Fujifilm X100
Your camera captures VISUALS.
You the photographer records the sounds, smells, tastes and touches.
Make notes about all the stuff your camera can't capture.
Now you've got a story.
So you've photographed an ice cold beer.
Now tell me what it tastes like.
(You'd better pack a pencil and paper)

Leave your Wife or Husband at Home

Most of the time spouses are distractions for serious photographers.
When you want to take photographs they want to shop.
When you want to get up pre-dawn for that sunrise shot over the sea they want to snore in bed and have coffee at ten.

She wasn't kissing him; she was merely whispering in his mouth.

If you must take someone with you take a companion who is as mad and brave as you.
Take someone who won't complain about the leeches on their legs or the fact you've just spent eight hours photographing a yellow-eyed, green-eyed tropic frog.

“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau

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