Friday, 9 March 2018

Boring Weddings

Here are Six of the LEAST boring weddings I've shot.

1. At the reception Anna and Stan took off their shoes and put on dancing shoes and entertained guests with the best Rock 'n Roll performance I've ever seen at a wedding. Then all the bridal party did the same.

2. When the bride and groom got the giggles at the altar and the Catholic priest at St Patricks in Fremantle threatened not to marry them. Then the Best Man approached me and asked me to be MC at the wedding as their MC was a 'no show'

3. Oh! The time when the father of the bride accidentally put his size 10 boot right through the middle of his daughter's veil 20 mins before leaving for the church.

Angie with Lorenzo on her Wedding Day
4. At a country bush wedding in the NSW Australia, Jackie and James took off all their wedding gear and dived naked into a waterfall and pool 25 feet below. Then the bridal party followed right after.

5. The celebrant said 'You may now kiss the bride'. The Asian bride kissed passionately. The Asian groom was overcome and fainted in front of his new bride and guests.

6. The bride, Angie was a scientist and reptologist. She asked for photos with her pet lizard Lorenzo. In previous years Angie had modelled for the 30 second leader of my TV series 'Camera Shy'. She had also been a muse for a Harley Davidson shoot in Wagin WA.

Angie on the Harley shoot in Wagin WA

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