Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Is this the World's Best Selfie?

Every day, every way, same old, same old selfies ....

If you're under forty and female, its full make-up with soft light and pouty lips. And if you've jumped the 40 or 50 hurdle its a flamboyant outfit having fun, glass of white wine.

For guys its the macho dark trimmed stubbled face thats looking like you're the cat that swallowed the canary and you've just climbed out of the sack.

Nothing wrong with them. They're gorgeous. But after the first 20 million or so lookalikes it wears a bit thin.

So my buddy Matt was holidaying in Broome and decided to go for a bike ride along Cable Beach. He had this idea. There was no-one else within cooee. Just the odd salty cruising by on his way to a juicy plump, warm squishy lunch with shrieks of 'Where's my friend Kylie?'

So Matt balanced his camera on a Kimberley pindan red rock, and set it  on time delay. He had just 10 seconds to jump aboard Mulga Bill's machine and ride off into the noonday sun before the shutter went 'click'. What makes this pic even better is Matt shot it on film!

Well, it may or may not be the world's best selfie, but it certainly ain't the worst!
And its certainly not boring. In fact, I think its the least boring selfie I've ever had the pleasure of posting.

Ingenuity plus courage and daring = great photographs.

For the technically minded Matt's tyre pressures were set at 25psi.

The Russian judge awarded this image 7.92 for technical skill, 9.61 for composition and 9.83 for choice of saddle.