Monday, 24 September 2018

Five good reasons why you should shoot using Aperture Priority (Av)

Egypt: Aperture Priority on Nikon D700 f2.8 on 24-70 Nikkor lens set at 58mm
Aperture Priority (Av) is faster than a  speeding bullet, with about as much power as Catwoman on tuna forte.

Germany: Av: f8 on Fuji X100 camera 23mm lens

Here are five good reasons I've chosen Av 90% of the time* for the past 30 years.

1.  Maximum control over DoF (Depth of Field)

2. Faster than Manual

3. Your largest aperture guarantees you ALWAYS get the fastest available shutter speed (sport/wildlife)

4. You achieve gold standard bokeh in portrait and product photography

5. When you bracket on Av, you achieve 3 different shutter speeds!

*Av-90% M-6% P-3% Tv - 1%

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